Panda Pearl
Panda Pearl's Future... by sacredmaskchild
May 7th, 2017, 5:46 pm

Reboot-ish time. I was thinking about Panda Pearl and how I wanna do it properly. I wanna storyboard a potential revised version. Will see most all of it redrawn, might see some added pages, and might have to reupload things so if posts disappear don’t worry! We’ll be back online soon.

For specifics: I’ve been unhappy with how I’ve directed Panda pearl so far. It’s…messy in how I’ve been doing it. I wanna start back up. Nothing about it will really change besides minor designs and redrawn pages, but…I wanna make it smoother and put more work into each page.

As it was, I was usually just wrapped up in it and the quality of the art suffered in order to get pages out. I don’t want that with my baby, Panda Pearl. So I’ll be redrawing/reorganizing current pages here and on smackjeeves. I hope you all understand. And thank you for your patience!

thank you all so much for supporting me thus far. it means more than i can put into words.